Elysia Yong

Marketing Coordinator

Elysia Yong


Elysia was drawn to the real estate sector due to its dynamic nature and tangible impact on people's lives. The industry offers a unique blend of relationship-building, market analysis, and the satisfaction of helping clients achieve their goals. I find the ever-evolving market trends and the opportunity to work with diverse properties particularly appealing. Additionally, the sector's role in shaping communities and contributing to economic growth aligns with my professional interests.

As a marketing coordinator, she bring a diverse set of strengths and skills to the role, including:

 Strong interpersonal abilities: Elysia excel at building relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative work environment,  Meticulous attention to detail, Dedication to excellence, Creative problem-solving, she approach challenges with innovative solutions, adapting strategies to meet evolving market demands. Excellent organizational skills, Elysia efficiently manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines and maintaining high standards. 

Elysia enjoy regularly practicing yoga, playing sport, reading a book on a current topic of interest, nature walks, watching films, home cooking, attending music gigs/festivals with friends outside of professional commitments. 

Elysia completed a Bachelor of Media and Communications (Professional), majoring in Cinema and Screen Studies.
Worked at Scope Aust as a Communications Design Officer, with a focus on producing communication aids that aim to advocate for inclusive spaces for people with disabilities.