Hawthorn East, nestled in Victoria, Australia, is a charming suburban neighborhood that seamlessly combines urban convenience with natural appeal. Admired for its tranquil atmosphere and accessibility, Hawthorn East attracts both residents and visitors seeking a harmonious lifestyle. The area offers a diverse range of amenities, including bustling shopping districts, a variety of dining experiences, and cultural landmarks that showcase its unique charm. Its surroundings include green spaces and parks, providing serene retreats and spaces for outdoor activities.

Furthermore, Hawthorn East hosts a spectrum of community events, fostering a warm and engaging neighborhood spirit. With a mix of residential pockets and natural landscapes, the neighborhood promotes a well-rounded lifestyle. The local community gatherings and occasional celebrations contribute to Hawthorn East's cultural richness, establishing it as an inviting and vibrant community for all to relish.

Real Estate Agents in Hawthorn East


Toni El-Helou

Director | Auctioneer

Jessica Wat

Sales Executive

Samantha El-Helou

Sales Assistant

Angelo Bafunno

Sales Executive

Brittny Ksenic

Sales Consultant