Richmond, nestled in Victoria, Australia, is a vibrant inner-city suburb that effortlessly blends urban dynamism with cultural richness. Embraced for its lively ambiance and diverse character, Richmond captivates both locals and visitors. This neighborhood offers an assortment of amenities, from trendy boutiques to an eclectic dining scene and cultural landmarks, reflecting its distinct identity. Its energetic setting includes parks, entertainment venues, and spaces for leisure and recreational activities.

Additionally, Richmond hosts an array of community events, fostering an engaging and cohesive neighborhood spirit. With a mix of residential enclaves and diverse cultural landscapes, the suburb promotes a vibrant and inclusive lifestyle. The local artistic scene, periodic festivals, and communal gatherings contribute to Richmond's cultural vibrancy, establishing it as an inviting and dynamic urban community for all to immerse themselves in and enjoy.

Real Estate Agents in Richmond


Andrew Crotty

Director | Auctioneer

Edward Hobbs

Director | Auctioneer

Allan Cove

Licensed Estate Agent

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Sales Consultant

Chaise Priestley

Sales Consultant

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Senior Portfolio Manager

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Portfolio Manager

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Business Department Manager

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Director / Auctioneer

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Sales Consultant